In the back of beyond.

So a brief update: the day before yesterday the charity that provides me with a car telephoned to say that it was not company policy to allow their customers to live in their cars.

I explained that I have no other option as I couldn’t afford to put my belongings into storage. It didn’t seem to matter so I am left anxiously waiting for their decision as to what to do.

Then, having found a quiet secluded library car park to use for the last week, I was awoken at 4 this morning by a security guard wanting to know what was happening. I said I’d been in the library til late and felt unable to drive which he bought and said “get your head down for the night.” Which is English for, go back to sleep.

Today, I showered at the local swimming pool, drove over to where I used to live to pick up the ton of mail that had accrued, only to discover several parking tickets for staying in places I shouldn’t. Obviously, all done in innocence by me.

Isn’t it telling that as western culture is being eviscerated before our very eyes, they still find time to screw the last dregs from us with pernicious hidden cameras and privateering that would make Long John Silver blush.

The day rounded off with a visit to the urologist. More advice to self-catheterise and a swift inspection of the prostate. No dear reader, I had not been wined and dined prior to this gross violation. She hadn’t even asked if I might like to take in a movie, just trousers down, legs up and in she dove.

These episodes all make me wonder about the nature of life. How is it that when you undertake such an adventure as mine, the universe seems to know and begin stalking. Enormous piles of poo come wading in on cosmic waves. You’d think a kinder gentler entity would cut you some slack.


I find Mr Sheldrake theories on Morphic Resonance to be interesting. It does seem that if you do things out of the ordinary, it seems to notice. Unless you have unlimited finances of course, in which case it will continue to wipe your arse for you.


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