interested in ufos?

The following is taken from “A Celtic Miscellany” and was said to have been written in the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries, by an unknown Irish author. It’s not long, but see what you make of it:

The Air Ship

“One day the monks of Clonmacnoise were holding a meeting on the floor of the church, and as they were at their deliberations there they saw a ship sailing over them in the air, going as if it were on the sea. When the crew of the ship saw the meeting and the inhabited place below them, they dropped anchor, and the anchor came right down on to the floor of the church, and the priests seized it. A man came down out of the ship after the anchor, and he was swimming as if he were in the water, till he reached the anchor; and they were dragging him down then. ‘For God’s sake let me go!’ said he, ‘for you are drowning me.’ Then he left them, swimming in the air as before, taking his anchor with him.”

Was the author recounting a dream? Or reporting a local story passed on? Seems an odd concept for the time, unless…


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