There’s a saying that goes; “Life can often throw you a curveball.” The prophetic will then add something glib like; “hey, we all have lessons to learn.” or “it’s not how you duck them but how you bat them back that counts”. My response is, no comment.

I’m 50, I know, it’s outrageous.

I now live on the fly which is quite scary and giving all sorts of opportunities for social comment and development. I’ve had a few harem scarem moments that I’ll be detailing. I have tons of philosophy to impart šŸ™‚ a few jokes, and some cool stuff that helps me through the day.

I hope you’ll support me and say, hi. I hope you’ll continue to see me as human, though I might not be swimming in the same pond at present. Most of all, in a ruthless world, I hope you experience, ruth.

This is Scoot, my scooter.cropped-img_20170511_171400.jpgThis is the scooter I’d much prefer: